Planning Applications - Recent and On-going

Planning Applications received by Ashleworth Parish Council


Application No:17-00585-FUL Lawn Road.pdf

Description: The construction and use of 4 dwellings and associated development including garages and improvements to internal access road.

Location: Lawn Road, Ashleworth, GL194JS

Grid ref: 381003 225991

Application No: 17-00356-LBC Post Office.pdf

Description: New windows in shop and store room to replace old ones.

Location: The Post Office, Nup End, Ashleworth

Grid Ref: 381261 225775

APPLICATION NO: 17-00209-FUL.pdf
DESCRIPTION: Conversion of outbuilding to accommodation ancillary to the house
LOCATION: Green Farm, The Green, Ashleworth
GRID REF: 381238 225444

APPLICATION NO: 16-00859-FUL Queens Arms.pdf
DESCRIPTION: Existing carpark to public house to become residential with the provision of one detached dwelling with attached garage and associated amenity space.
LOCATION: The Queens Arms, The Village, Ashleworth
GRID REF: 381199 225602

APPLICATION NO:16-01255-FUL Foxhollow.pdf
DESCRIPTION: Demolition of existing dwelling, and erection of 1 no. dwelling incorporating
the reconstructed demolished dwelling
LOCATION: Foxhollow, The Stream, Ashleworth
GRID REF: 381440 226276

APPLICATION NO:16-01141-FUL Quay Cottage

DESCRIPTION: Proposed erection of replacement dwelling, including alterations to existing
parking area/driveway.
LOCATION: Quay Cottage, The Quay, Ashleworth
GRID REF: 381837 225035

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