2017 - Trophy winners

The Rosalind Bowl (most outstanding piece of artwork (C19- C24) was won by Aimee Morris

The Fincham Cup (highest number of  points in the cookery classes B8- B18) was won by Kathy Wilkinson 

The Silver Halide Presentation Cup (most outstanding photograph in the Show) was won by Richard Humphrey

The Produce Prize (highest number of points in the Produce classes F36 – F52) was won by Claire Honan

The Fred Howgill Trophy (winner of class F49) was won by Claire Honan

The Summer Garden Cup (the most outstanding exhibit in classes F53-F57) was won by Helen Searle
The Turner Shield + £5 (highest number of points in classes G58-G74) was won by Aeryn Giles
The Jacquie Nicholls Endeavour Trophy (The exhibitor who enters the greatest number of categories in the show - regardless of points scored) was won by Sue Peckham and Carole Probyn
Silver Trophy + £10 (The highest number of points gained at the Show) was won by Kathy Wilkinson and Carole Probyn.

2016 The Rosalind Bowl - Carole Probyn; The Fincham Cup - Elizabeth Greening; The Silver Halide Presentation Cup - Richard Humphrey; The Produce Prize - Amanda Chamberlayne; The Fred Howgill Trophy - Rob Evans; The Summer Garden Cup - Mary Barnes; The Turner Shield - Sian Elmslie; The Jacquie Nicholls Endeavour Trophy - Rob Evans;Silver Trophy - Rob Evans.

2015  The Rosalind Bowl - Carole Probyn; The Fincham Cup - Elizabeth Greening; The Silver Halide Presentation Cup - Sally Blair; The Produce Prize - Rob Evans; The Fred Howell Trophy - Louise Beer; The Summer Garden Cup - Jackie Eardley; The Turner Shield -Lucy Elmslie; The Jacquie Nicholls Endeavour Trophy - Rob Evans; Silver Trophy - Rob Evans.

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