Parish Council Documents

The following documents have been written or received by Ashleworth Parish Council in order to clarify and simplify

some of its processes, and to give the residents of the Village a better understanding of the Council's processes.

 Document No.  Title  Issue date  Revision date
         1  Guidelines for making representations on planning applications  14 May 2013  14 November 2013
            2  APCs response to TBC Local Plan Consulatation Nov 2013.pdf  Nov 2013  
 Ashleworth 2014 HNS final report.pdf  Dec 2014  
 Ashleworth housing consultation collated responses FINAL DRAFT.docx  Dec 2014  
 Budget 2016-2017.xlsx  Mar 2016
 ASSET REGISTER for 2015 2016.docx  Mar 2016
   Income and Expenses 2015-2016.xlsx  April 2016
   Int Audit report 2016.doc  April 2016
   Annual Governance Statement 2015-16.pdf  July 2016
   Accounting Statement 2015-16.pdf  July 2016
   Budget 2017-2018.xlsx  Mar 2017
   Income and Expenses 2016-2017.xlsx  Mar 2017

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